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Let’s Play Xemo! Xemo is a robot simulator. Move their joints around and create 3D animations so they walk, crawl, jump and anything else! Create motions for robots to solve challenges in the fastest time.

Download Xemo for PC and Mac for free or pay for the full version:

Physics Driven
With Xemo, you’re responsible for developing a completely physics-driven robot. Use our integrated tools to create motion patterns by experimenting with your robot, then save and play the patterns back later. And because everything is physically simulated, you never know what could happen next–you’re limited only by your imagination.

Basic Motion Behaviors
By using our motion creation tools, you can teach your robot to perform simple tasks like waving its hand, squatting, or even standing up. Creating motions is as simple as clicking on a motorized joint, adjusting the angle, and watching your robot move in real-time.

Complex Motion Behaviors
Ready to try something harder? Getting a robot to walk means combining a motion pattern with balance. Can you create the fastest walking robot? Use your complex motions in the Obstacles courses to compete against other players.

advanced robotics

Evolutionary Algorithms
Finding just the right timing for robot motor control output based on sensory input can be a tricky task. Searching for the just the right control mechanism requires sophisticated optimization tools. Xemo provides an evolutionary algorithm to help with that search effort. Our cloud-based evolution servers can be used to refine basic motion algorithms incorporating balance and precision control.

Neural Networks
The basic robot movements can be created using the Xemo motion pattern generator without considering sensory input. For motions like walking and turning without falling over, sensory input becomes necessary. Xemo robots are controlled using a neural network – effectively a simplified neural-based brain. The programming and training of the brain is performed automatically using the simulator and an optimizer that shapes the neural connections to achieve the desired motion behavior.

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Updated! (v1.3 – March 2017)

Added three new robots (4 legged) to the game (see screen shots)
New hotkey binding for motions for more interactive game play.
Updated user interface and transitions between the robot lab and challenge floor.
This game is in Early Access and is not yet complete. More features are being regularly. Buy the game and help support our game development effort! We are a tiny company in northern Vermont. Check out our website at www.xemo.io to find out more about Xemo!

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