Robot Companies

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Who Where What
MACCO Robotics Intelligent Toy Robots
iRobot Company iRobot designs and builds robots that make a difference in people’s lives.
Boston Dynamics Advanced robots with remarkable behavior
RobotShop Putting robotics at your service
GuardBot spherical unmanned amphibious robot systems
Trossen Robotics Bioloid and Humanoid Robot Kits
Honda Asimo Home of Asimo, the Robot!
Servosila a robotics technology company The family Robot
SoftBank Robotics NAO, Pepper and ROMEO are waiting for you
UBTECH Alpha 1, Alpha2 and Jimu - family Robots

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Robot Development & Research

Who Where What
IHMC Robotics engineering systems with human components
HKU HKU comprises of a group of researchers
MIT a new collaboration between the labs of Teller and Tedrake
TRAC Labs Robotics and automation
WALK-MAN a robotic platform which can operate outside the laboratory