Pleasure robots & dolls: Japan love bots, real dolls and Virtual Reality girls

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Tired of your partner or the the rubbery plastic blow-up doll you make love to instead? Worry not! Advanced technology allows the man and woman of today to do it with a creepy facsimile of a real human so lifelike you’ll … let’s just end it there. Believe it or not there are people out there already deeply committed to their robot-human or doll-human relationships. With this in mind, TomoNews presents to you the latest hi-tech pleasure dolls and stories about our blossoming relationship with substitute humans.

1. The man behind the famous RealDoll, a life-size, realistic s-x doll, has set his sights on the next stage in the evolution of humans having s-x with inanimate objects.

2. Sure these new animatrons are being geared towards providing domestic and caregiver services, but we all know what *some* people have in mind for them.

3. Ethicists exploring the realm of human-robot interactions have started a campaign to ban s-x robots. So far, they haven’t mentioned banning any other other mechanical s-x toys.

4. The end of the world is nigh! A s-x robot that uses Oculus Rift virtual reality display has been unveiled at the Oculus Game Jam in Tokyo.

5. About half of the 1000 people surveyed by Huffington Post and YouGov said they could imagine having robots that can do housework and fight wars by 2030.

6. The academic workshop, which was to be held alongside a larger conference on advancements in computer entertainment, was summarily banned by the Inspector General of Police.

7. Lonely Chinese men are buying high-end plastic dolls worth thousands of dollars to fulfill their s-xual needs. Users are reportedly feeling this is “morally correct” because they’re not cheating on their lovers with real women.

8. Japanese company Orient Industry has created what they claim is the most realistic skin in the s-x doll industry.

9. These s-x dolls by Los Angeles company can cost up to $15,000. That’s a lot of money to invest in a man who will only sit there with his eyes glazed over while you talk about your feelings.

10. The popular eatery, which included in a recent CNN list highlighting the 10 best things about Taiwan’s second city, has got everything you could wish for from a s-x-themed diner.

11. Mr. Li said he keeps the doll around for company ever since his wife passed away 3 years ago.

12. Mannequin shenanigans: Security camera video of a thief getting freaky with a shop window dummy has surfaced – and out of the goodness of our hearts we offer it for your enjoyment.

13. An online advertisement for a beaten-up 1990 VW Golf featuring a lifeless s-x mannequin pointing out rust spots has excited eBay shoppers.

14. A model has spent £30,000 turning herself into a real-life blow-up s-x doll.

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