Ping-pong playing robot vs human – CES 2018

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Omron’s ping-pong playing robot Forpheus uses AI to judge its opponent’s skill level and adjusts its own playing level to match it. It flashes inspiring messages on the LED screen on its net, so it’s just like playing with a nice, encouraging friend who’s really good at table tennis.

CES 2018: Ping-Pong Robot, In-Display Fingerprint Sensor, and More!

In this video, we rounded up some of the more interesting tech of CES 2018 with products ranging from dancing synchronized robots, a phone with a fingerprint in the display, a ping-pong playing robot, etc.

Honda Robots – CES 2018

Kelley Blue Book’s coverage of Honda’s 3E-D18, 3E-C18, and 3E-A18 robots at CES 2018.

At CES 2018 Honda flexed its ability to create useful yet adorable robots. From the friendly-faced 3E-A18 to a modular, autonomous ATV dubbed the 3E-D18 Honda’s robots put a warm face on our robotic future. To better understand each robot’s purpose and personality Honda’s advanced product planner, Pete Wendt, gave Kelley Blue Book’s Micah Muzio a up-close tour.

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This robot can get you a beer from the fridge

Aeolus is a new household robot that’s designed to do chores. It can move chairs, sweep and vacuum, and it’s even supposed to help you find your glasses. But the most important thing is that it can grab a beer from a fridge, which might be an industry first for a consumer robot.

Honda debuts 3E concept robots at CES 2018

At CES 2018, Honda introduces three new concept robots, including an empathy robot to assist people, and an ATV-like device that’s meant to assist, not take over, people working outside.

Honda debuts four very different robotics concepts at CES:

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