LG at CES 2017 – Robots – Fascinating stuff!

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Better Life with IoT.
LG’s ‘Robot’ is making its debut here at CES 2017!

All CES 2017 robots…

Top 5 Robots & AI Tech You can buy in 2017 from CES 2017

This year at CES 2017(Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, The focus was mainly in Robots & AI Tech or Augmented / Virtual Reality. We looked into all the coverage and came up with Top of the line 5 robots which you actually can buy in 2017 for your home.


Kuri Robot Wants to Join Your Family

Mayfield Robotics unveiled its Kuri home robot at CES 2017. Kuri is a mobile robot designed to have a personality to connect with families.

Lynx: The First Video-Enabled Humanoid Robot with Amazon Alexa

Lynx: a humanoid robot with Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service. Lynx combines UBTECH’s award-winning proprietary robotics with the automatic speech recognition, natural language understanding and search capability of Amazon Alexa, resulting in a lifelike human-to-robot interface.

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