Is This The First Robot To Understand Emotions?

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Pepper The Robot – Japans Team Trying To Build The First Emotionally Responsive Robot

Meet Pepper, the first humanoid robot. He can talk, walk, and read emotions. At least that is what his French-Japanese designers claim. But is Pepper really the first robot to understand emotions?

“I want to be a robot that makes people smile”,says Pepper. His designers claim he can detect human emotions but proving he can analyse a person’s expression or tone of voice is difficult. Pepper’s favourite topic of conversation is Pepper and he’s needy: “I’m a pretty amazing Robot, am I not?” This interview with Pepper suggests there might be a few bugs to iron out before its February release date.
Androniki Christodoulou – Ref 6365

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Is This The First Robot To Understand Emotions? I’m not so sure… what do you think?

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