5 Futuristic Robots You Must Have

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5 Futuristic Robots invention that will blow your mind…these Robot are smart and easy to program, the best learning companion for your kid and a lot of fun for yourself.
►5.Chip: http://www.chipk9.com/ – You can also pre-order it here!
►4.Kamigami: https://shop.trycelery.com/page/kamigamirobotkit – Pre-order it here!
►3.Robo Wunderkind: http://www.startrobo.com/ – Pre-order it here!
►2.Vortex: http://www.dfrobot.com/ – Just order it!
►1.Ringo: http://www.plumgeek.com/ – Just order it!

I love Chip! He reminds me of the Sony Aibo which is not around anymore… actually I own more than 10 of them.

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