12 Strangest and Coolest New Robots in 2017

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From the craziest military robot ever, to the robot that wants to love humans, these are the 12 STRANGEST and Coolest New Robots !

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# 7 Pepper the Robot
Pepper the humanoid robot is that is designed to read the emotions of humans. It’s a product of Aldebaran Robotics and SoftBank Mobile that is designed to be able to understand, interpret, and respond to nuances of human emotion and needs. It is intended primarily to be used in-store and retail settings, respond to joy, anger, sadness, and happiness and facilitate customer service when human employees are otherwise preoccupied. While cameras and sensors can read data, Pepper is meant to implement a sense of empathy with those scanners so that it can be truly helpful. However, it can also tell you the camera you just picked up is 20 percent off, so maybe it just really wants to meet its daily sale quota.

# 6 ACM-R5, Aquatic Snake
This strange robotic snake is ACM-R5 a machine developed by Japanese development company Hibot. It is a serpentine robot made of a series of modules that make it capable of traversing through land and sea. While it can slither efficiently on the ground, you can toss it into the water and watch it swim elegantly like a ribbon or marine snake. While it currently does not have any specific use, the ability to travel so efficiently in different landscapes is a very useful skill that may be used in robots of the future.

# 5 Boston Dynamics SpotMini
You have probably heard of Boston Dynamics BigDog line of robo-animals. They are the mechanical quadrupeds that can run, jump, and recover after tripping or slipping. Those are primarily designed to be pack mule type machines for military use, but their newest creation is the SpotMini, a smaller version of the Big Dog. This one is only 55 pounds instead of 240 pounds. SpotMini can function comfortably in a home and instead of doing the military grade functions like throwing heavy cinder blocks around, SpotMini can gently load your dishwasher and take your garbage out. However, it comes with a funny looking neck that makes it look more like a tiny robotic giraffe than a dog.

# 4 Boston Dynamics Atlas
Boston Dynamics’ humanoid robot is called the Atlas. It was developed along with the BigDog line of robots and is designed primarily to aid in emergency service situations and rescue operations. It can perform tasks like shutting valves, busting open doors, operating power equipment and primarily, go into places normal humans would not be able to survive. The newest generation of Atlas was unveiled in February of 2016 and stood 175 centimeters or 5 feet 9 inches and weighs 82 kilograms or 180 pounds. While it is equipped to break concrete panels and remove debris that may be blocking a doorway, there is reportedly no interest in developing Atlas for offensive or defensive purposes.

# 3 InMoovator
A French woman named Lilly has taken advantage of 3D printing technology to create her very own robot…lover. The robot has been named InMoovator and he is Lilly’s ideal mate, someone whom she intends to marry once human-robot marriage is legal, something experts say will probably be either legalized or normalized as soon as 2050, if not sooner. Lilly is a self-proclaimed robosexual who has always had stronger feelings for robots than she has for men or women. Lilly hopes to develop InMoovator to allow their love to become more and more robust. He truly is her labor of love.

# 2 Octobot
The Octobot is billed as the world’s very first, soft and completely autonomous robot. It is a bot made of silicone rubber and only measures about 2.5 inches across that is designed to eventually be able to be much more versatile and compact than normal rigid machines. While most robots are vulnerable to taking damage like bumps, twists, and scrapes, soft bots like the Octobot can withstand that kind of damage. It operates with fluid on the inside, using special chemicals to trigger movement. It is currently only in the prototype stage, and the Octobot can just wave its arms, but this is probably the start of more robust and dynamic soft robots.

# 1 SCHAFT S-One
S-One is a Japanese Robot built by the robotics company SCHAFT for the DARPA robot competition. The point of that competition was to discover the newest and most up to date human Robots. S-One completed 27 out of 32 assigned tasks in the competition, coming out on top. It is capable of clearing debris, navigating through difficult terrain, along with several other tasks. It is much more compact than Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot at roughly five feet tall and 200 pounds. It is now in development to become a commercially available Google manufactured and branded robot. So, you may be seeing some iteration of the S-One making its way into the mainstream market, or at least marching around Google Headquarters sometime soon.

Which one is the best? What do you think?

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