Humans will become robots: 10 Biohackers Who Turned Into Superhumans

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Biohacking is a growing biotechnological social movement in which individuals, communities, and small organizations, study biology and life science using the same methods as traditional research institutions.

Some biohackers have hacked their body to have superpowers, becoming superhumans. Most of these hacks were self-made and made without the use of anesthesia.

These particular hackers of nature , better known as biohackers, seem to come straight out of a science fiction movie. Exploiting biology and pairing it with technology sounds like sci-fi !

Scifi body hackers, biohackers or psychos? Some have already started in their own corner alone and may revolutionize the world we live in.

In this video:

10. Gabriel Lacina, who achieved nightvision and can see in the dark

9. Kevin Warwick, whose project is to connect the human brain to the Internet

8. Ben Greenfield, aka your personal trainer 2.0

7. Dave Asprey and his powerful coffee: the Bullet Proof Coffee. What is Bullet Proof Coffee?

6. Tim Cannon: implanted a device connected to his Android phone on his arm. He can track his health through the device and it sends him text messages when something is wrong.
Apple vs Android?

5. Neil Harbisson, the first cyborg to be officially recognized by a government. He can hear colors and has an intenna implanted in his skull.

4. Magnetic Implants – biohackers achieved a sixth sense to feel the electric fields and the magnetic fields on their fingers. Sort of a second touch, sounds sci-fi?

3. Kill aging – may be possible sooner than you think and immortality may just be around the corner

2. Upload your consciousness to the Internet? It’s theoretically possible, claims Stephen Hawking.

1. The human body as a power source: the Naomi Kizhner project.



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IoT meets BioHacking: Communicating with devices and applications using the microchip in my hand

One of the main disruptive technologies that I have been involved in is the IoT, or Internet of Things. I am also a believer in Transhumanism and I research into, and develop methods that allow for the integration of technology with the human body. This subject is a very controversial one, with many people believing that this type of technology is related to the New World Order, and religious people believing it is related to the antichrist, but this is not the case, all of the people that I know that are involved with this type of technology do it help us evolve and security/privacy is one of their main concerns.
Recently I found out about a company in the United States called DangerousThings that provide state of the art biohacking products. DangerousThings believe our bodies are our own, to do with what we want, and biohacking is a new kind of evolution. They provide safe gear, safe procedures, and work with talented revolutionaries pushing the envelope of human experience. I came across the xNTi chip and immediately ideas flowed through my mind of how I could integrate this type of technology into my own development projects. The idea of becoming a cyborg really appealed to me, so I went ahead and took the first steps by ordering the kit from

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The latest “nightmare inducing” Boston Dynamics robots

That’s how Marc Raibert, founder of Google’s Boston Dynamics, described the wheeled robot that he unveiled for the first time today at 3:46. He also demoed SpotMini on stage and mentioned my prior post “Fido vs. Spot” on animal reactions

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